Diary of a former Chinese expatriate Laughing China ① Earplugs are indispensable on the plane


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A business trip in China that welcomes you while doing hard work every day.

Of course, when the head office cost is reduced, it will be a flight using economy class,

What is waiting there is a messy talk of an uncle and an aunt .


To be clear, it's noisier than a baby's cry.

Due to the modernization of the last few years, some people are a little quieter on flights from Beijing and Shanghai.

Other than that, the cabin becomes very noisy, as if you were riding with junior high school students on a school trip .


After taking off, everyone took off their safety belts and wandered around.

Your friends will get together and the promised poker game will begin.


I couldn't come up with the idea of ​​the work I was planning to do on the plane, and even if I gave up and lay down, I couldn't sleep, and spent a few hours with Monmon .


When using domestic flights in China , prepare fully soundproof headphones and listen to high-tension music for a comfortable flight .

Or you may fall asleep at once with a strong sleeping pill.

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